Hi, I am Lexa Rose.

Your trusted queer Albuquerque wedding and elopement photographer here! Being born and raised in the southwest, I have developed a love for the beautiful landscapes that New Mexico has to offer! Also a romantic myself, I love capturing moments of love of all kind—candidly!

I like to introduce myself as your friendly local queer photographer because I identify as such—and have been out of the closet since I was 15 years old! It’s important for me to create an equally safe space for LGBTQIA+ members AND allies of the community, with the understanding that love should always be celebrated and knows absolutely no boundary! Capturing intimate moments whether it’s a smile exchanged between friends and family, or a tender kiss shared between partners, really makes my heart happy! It gives me comfort knowing that I am lucky enough to be a part of this story that is ever growing and changing in love, affection, and support—and that I get to be a part of sharing this love with the world!

Alicia Lucia Photography | Brittany Miller Photography | Betty Rose by Alanna | Los Poblanos

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